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Welcome on The Syrian Association for Rheumatology





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 SAR is the acronym of the Syrian Association for Rheumatology.

It will be used throughout its website.

The SAR is an Association of Rheumatologists in Syria.

Any licensed rheumatologist in Syria can apply for membership.

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The main goals of SAR are to help combat and prevent Rheumatic diseases at a local and national levels and support people working in the Rheumatology field.

Continuing Medical Education of practicing Rheumatologists is a main goal that dictates SAR activities.

Special care is given to include residents training in rheumatology in SAR activities. SAR is keen on encouraging future rheumatologists to keep up with high standards of medical care and non-stop education.






 SAR holds periodic scientific activities for continuing medical education. All rheumatologists are free to participate, whether they work in teaching settings or in private practice.

  • Monthly case presentations at different teaching hospitals. Rheumatologists as well a residents training in rheumatology participate interactively.
  • Semestrial symposia, either in Damascus or in other Syrian towns, under a specified topic in rheumatology, with the most up-to-date information about diagnosis and treatment.
  • One congress every three years, encompassing most rheumatological topics. Foreign speakers from reputable universities are invited to this activity.


  1. SAR was created in 1995 under the umbrella of The Syrian Medical Association which covers many specialized medical associations. Regulations, policies, activities are all under the supervision of this organization. SAR location is the same as that of the Syrian Medical Association.
  1. The Ministry of Health provides its support to SAR :
  • SAR conducts most of the congresses and symposia under the patronage of the Ministry of Health.
  • The Ministry of Health consults SAR for opinion regarding the registration of new treatments and drugs related to the specialty.
  • Also there is a close collaboration between SAR and the Ministry of Health regarding the organization of educational and teaching courses.
  1. SAR is member of the ARLAR (Arab League of Associations for Rheumatology) which comprises Associations from many Arab countries. SAR joins in the organization of regional congresses by this organization.
  1. SAR is member of the APLAR (Asia Pacific League of Associations for Rheumatology). SAR has organized the 15th APLAR congress in 2012.

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